Those Who Came Before Us

This Year for the 4th of July, We Will Be Celebrating All Those Who Have Come Before Us 

Just this last week our daughter and I had the opportunity to tag along on one of my husband’s TDYs to Wright-Patterson, AFB. While there, her and I spent one afternoon hanging out at the National Museum of the USAF. They recently opened up building 4 and moved a bunch of the planes that were kept in a hangar on base to the museum.

Our daughter and I walked around and looked at all the planes. She was in awe of all the big planes. And despite visiting the museum countless times while my husband was stationed at Wright-Patterson I was taking in the exhibits from an entirely new point of view. 

The last time I had been at the museum it was for a function. My husband was in his mess dress, I was in a ballgown. I was pregnant and doing my best to not get ill during the dinner. Being surrounded by these planes that held such a major role in our nations history never really affected me as much as it did the other day when I walked through with our daughter. 

Each one of the those planes are full of so many memories, and stand for more than just the missions they were a part of. As we walked around the museum I heard families talking about how, “your great-grandfather flew this exact kind of plane in the war,” “this was daddies favorite plane,” “this is similar to the plane that I used to jump out of,” and “this is why this plane is so cool.” So many different people have so many different connections to the different planes and stories that can be found at the museum. 

It is such a sobering experience to really let yourself get lost in a military museum. To really think about all those who played a part in securing our freedoms. Even beyond the military itself. Just thinking about the fact that such a large plane doesn’t just appear. It has to be designed, produced, and manufactured, and each person along the way played a role in securing and keeping our freedoms what they are. 

So with the 4th of July right around the corner, I have decided it is time to start celebrating more than just the military and the part they have played in keeping our freedoms and independence intact. But, to celebrate all American’s that came before us, and to celebrate in their honor. 

patriotic collage

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