Drawer Garden

One old drawer transformed into a beautiful garden!

Yesterday I posted about my dresser turned television stand. Today I am going to show you how to turn that extra drawer into a little garden! I keep everything left over from previous projects-I hate to let anything go to waste! Some people find my desire to find a way to use every leftover piece as resourceful, others might see it as madness. Anytime I have a big leftover piece-I go to Pinterest and a do a search and I am guaranteed to find my next project!

Materials Needed:

One drawer

Something to use as legs for the drawer to set on




A variety of plants, herbs or flowers



Paper bag

First you want to remove any extra pieces from the drawer. For me it was easy-just pull out the dividers and the plastic pieces (that were just stapled in) and the brown felt just fell right out. This would be a good time to also remove the metal guide on the bottom of the drawer. For my drawer that piece was held on by two screws. I wish I would have removed the metal piece right away but I didn’t think of it until I turned the drawer over.

IMG_3387 IMG_3388

The leftovers!


Next comes painting the drawer. It may take multiple coats of paint to get a nice clean look. I used an outdoor paint (the same paint I used for the Wishful Planter). While painting place the drawer on a paper bag or large piece of paper.

IMG_3385 IMG_3397

Make sure to paint the outside all the way around. Depending where you decide to place your garden, you may be able to see it from all angles. Also remember to paint at least a little down into the drawer so it looks like the entire drawer is yellow once the dirt and plants are on the inside.

Once the paint was dry I used a wax I found at our craft store to help seal the paint in!


While the drawer is drying you can start working on preparing the legs that will be attached to the drawer.

Like I said earlier I don’t throw away anything from previous projects. The legs I used were from an old television tray that I was using in our guest bedroom as a bedside table. When choosing something to use for the legs, I recommend something wooden, just because it is easy to attach.

IMG_3393 IMG_3394 IMG_3395

Since the legs had a curved top I needed to saw off the dome in order to make a flat surface for the drawer to be placed on…I had my husband help hold the legs while I cut since they were quite unstable.

I decided not to repaint the legs since I liked the way the green and yellow looked together!

Next I used the drill to make holes in the bottom of the drawer to allow for water to pass through easily.


Now it is time to attach the legs to the drawer. I lined it up and made a mark inside the drawer. It only took one screw per leg.

IMG_3399 IMG_3400

Once the legs are attached to the drawer it is time to add the drawer pulls. I found mine in the clearance bin at Pier 1!

IMG_3389 IMG_3401

Before I added dirt and flowers I used the paper bag I painted the drawer on to line the inside of the garden box. If you plan on keeping the garden outside year round I would recommend lining in plastic to keep the bottom from decomposing too quickly. If you decided not to use plastic just be prepared to replace the bottom of the drawer every couple of years.


Next add the dirt and plants!

The plants I used:

  • 1 Stock in Vintage Red
  • 1 Salvia in Hot Lips
  • 1 Celosia in Castle Yellow
  • 2 Celosia in Amigo Neon Rose
  • 2 Creeping Jenny in Goldilocks
  •  1 Lavender Glow in Intensia
  • 1 Begonia in Amstel Carneval

My Finished Project! 

IMG_3417  IMG_3425IMG_3424

It is the perfect way to add some color to your outdoor space!

If you are looking for more up cycled planters check out my Wishful Thinking Planter!


  1. Saph

    So pretty!! I have 3 dresser drawers we saved from the dresser that got torn up from shipping overseas! 🙁 We recently moved from the states to the Bahamas.

    I wanted to use it for vegetable gardening (when I was searching for ways to repurpose the drawers) but we rent from my aunt-in-law and she’s VERY particular and I just can’t get what I would need to transform the drawer to her approval at the moment.

    • Tara

      You could even stack the 3 drawers on a “stair” like feature and create a super cute garden! I was going to use the drawer for herbs but decided our deck was in need of some much needed color!

  2. I love how this project turned out. I love to repurpose things as well, but had never thought of a drawer as a flower box. The colors you picked were perfect as well. I saw this post on the Talented Tuesday link up.

    • Tara

      I wish I could help you, I used some leftover paint I had on hand. I know they both came from Lowe’s and the green for the legs was a spray paint!

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