E is for Education: ABCs of Military Life

Education for the Military Member, The Military Spouse, and The Military Child

Education is one of the biggest parts of being a military family. Everything from the service member continuing their education throughout their career, figuring out the G.I. Bill, choosing the right schooling option for your military child, to military spouses continuing their education. 

For the Military Member

My husband was accepted to go to college and participate in ROTC, which allowed him to get his four-year degree at a very small cost. Then when he went back to school to attain his Masters Degree, he decided to pay for it one class at a time and save his G.I. Bill for any possible future children. 

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For the Military Spouse

Choosing the right portable career for you, the military spouse, can be challenging to say the least. First, you have to decide what the perfect career choice for you is, then you need to make sure you have the right amount of schooling and background to make you a good candidate for the job. All things that can be challenging while you follow your spouse’s career anywhere the military dictates. 


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For the Military Child

Deciding on the right education choices for your child is already stressful. Now add in the fact that you will be uprooting and moving that child to a new school district, in a new state, a number of times before they even hit High School. We have a one and a  half-year old and I am already double guessing everything we think we might do four years from now. Some choose to homeschool, some choose private schooling, and other stick with public schools. The options are really endless and your choice may vary with each location. 

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