Beach Hacks For Parents

Before kids, when I heard someone say “Life is a Beach,” I thought they meant life was calm and all good. Since having a child I wonder if maybe they meant “Beach” as in the substitute for another “B” word, vaguely similar to Witch. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love watching our daughter play in the sand and explore her unfamiliar surroundings during a day at the beach, Yet, sometimes I long for those days where a day at the beach meant napping and catching up with guilty pleasure tabloid magazines.

5 Beach Hacks For Parents 

Pop Flat Measuring Cups Double as Beach Toys

I am always looking to save some space in my beach bag. Pop flat measuring cups are the perfect space saver that can be used as a digging tool, water carrier, and sand castle form. The best part, no way for your little one to dump an entire bucket of cold water on you while you’re trying to relax! 



Okay, so I didn’t get a picture of it apparently, but a cheap blow-up raft also works great as a bed for your little one that needs a nap. We used the orange one in the back of the photo. 


Just make sure you put it somewhere shaded that gets a good breeze, and line it with a blanket! And if you can’t find a cheap blow-up raft, a folded towel can work too. But I can 100% say our little one slept much better in the raft than she did out of it. 


Baby Food Pouch Drinks 

A frozen drink always enhances a day at the beach. And DIY baby food pouches work perfectly for transporting frozen drinks to the beach. You can fill the pouches with frozen fruit drinks, smoothies, or even your favorite frozen adult beverage to enjoy at the beach.


Back when we first returned from Florida I shared my recipe for the drink known as Mommy on the Beach at our house. 

DIY Clean-Up Kit

Nothing is worse than waking a sleeping child because they need to shower off when you get home from the beach. So to make life easier on everyone pack a little “clean-up kit” to use before you leave for home. 

Ours includes a clean set of clothing, a fresh diaper, and a pre-soaped wash cloth in a zip-lock bag (we soak a washcloth with warm water and add some of our daughters body wash). Then after a long day at the beach we use the showers to give our little one a full bath and dress her in clean clothing. 

Professional Style Photos Minus the Price 

The ocean and the beach are phenomenal natural backdrops for photographs. So every time we go to the beach we always take along the good camera and a few outfits and snap some pictures when we first arrive. 

IMG_3265 IMG_3114  IMG_3223

What is your favorite beach hack? Share it in your comments or tweet it at me with #beachhack @aiminghighwife. 

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