Easy DIY Kids Picnic Blanket

A Picnic Blanket that is Kid Sized

Picnics are fun for the whole family! You can go to the beach, a local park, playground area, the lake or even your own backyard! Creating a one of a kind quilt inspired picnic blanket creates the perfect play area for your little one during any family outing! 

Kid size picnic blanket

Our daughter loves playing on her own little picnic blanket with her felt food and teapot! Pretend picnics are almost as much fun as real ones!

This easy tutorial creates a 33in x 39in blanket and can be completed in just a few hours! I am not very good with my sewing machine, and I finished the entire blanket in just over two hours! The best part is the bottom of this blanket is made with outdoor fabric making it water resistant!

Materials you will need:

All you need is thread, a sewing machine, pins, scissors and 3/4 yard of outdoor fabric and 1/4 yard of cotton fabric in four different colors/patters.



You can get the free PDF to map out your pattern here: Kids Picnic Blanket. This pattern is not to size and is only to help you plan out the front side of the blanket. You can assign the different fabric patters to different blocks. Use pencil because you will most likely change your mind multiple times! 

I started by creating the back of the blanket. For this you need your outdoor fabric.  

Start by cutting 3 strips of your outdoor fabric measuring 35in by 13.5in. Then sew the 3 strips together. Start by placing the first and second strip face to face (the face is the right side of the fabric) and pin along one long edge. Sew as close to the edge as possible. Lay flat and attach the third strip by laying the second and third strip face to face. Pin and sew along the long edge.

IMG_5924 IMG_5937 IMG_5938

Now onto the front of the blanket. 

I recommend working row by row. Cut out each block from the different cotton fabric colors/patterns. Sew together your two small pieces to make the combined block. Then sew together the 2 big blocks and one combined block to create the first row. Continue for the other two rows. When sewing the blocks together you want to put the fabrics face to face and sew as close to the edge as possible. Before you sew the 3 rows together I recommend laying all three rows out and making sure you are happy with the arrangement. Now you can sew the three rows together just like you did with the three stops of the blanket back.

IMG_5925 IMG_5928 IMG_5936

Finally combine the front and back of the blanket. 

In order to attach the front and back of the blanket you want to lay the front and back down face to face and pin all along the four sides. Sew along 3 of the sides. Turn blanket right side out and fold the open end down onto itself. Pin along the folded down edge. Sew along all four edges. This will close the opening and give a nice topstitch around the entire blanket.

IMG_5939 IMG_5943 IMG_5947IMG_4313


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  1. This is super cute! I love how it came out. I’m thinking this would be a great gift to make for friends who are expecting! Super cute and useful too.

    • Tara

      I am terrible with my sewing machine. Anytime I get it out my husband takes cover, because there will be yelling, crying and I will throw things! haha

    • Tara

      You could always just do solid stripes, in three different prints, it would still be super easy and adorable!

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