Self Catering Accomodation VS Hotel Accomodation – What is the best option??

The all time dilemma. All inclusive vs self-catering. Self-catering has become a popular choice for many individuals. Moreover, there has been an increase in the self-catering options available in many countries of the world. Travelers are spoilt for choice when choosing since villas, penthouses, luxury farmhouses, townhouses and modern apartments are available.

Get a self-catering villa accommodation at depending on your style, budget, and needs. Here are five advantages of self-catering villa accommodation. Click here for accomodation rentals, to check prices and availability.


Getting a self-catering villa accommodation is cheaper especially when directly engaging the owner. You’ll be spared from paying commission to brokers who add to your cost. Also, you’re able to stick to a budget by choosing what to buy in terms of food and holiday treats.  Moreover, it gets better for a group since contribution to the expenses is shared.

Generally, properties available for self-catering are cheaper when compared to hotels. The prices of hotels are greatly affected by the season and services.

Freedom to eat what you prefer

When in a self-catering villa accommodation, the eating options are unlimited. The accommodation spaces come with fully-equipped cooking areas and kitchens. What’s more, the cooking equipment, crockery, and cutlery are at your disposal.

It gives you the opportunity to cook your own meals. Moreover, it enhances the interaction with the locals by getting supplies and trying out the delicacies. Don’t feel like cooking? You’re free to eat out at local restaurants. There’s the ability to change up the routine to make the experience more exciting.

The best part? You not only choose what to eat but also the time to have your meals and snacks without worrying. This helps to control spending and overindulging.

Adequate space

Villa accommodation provides adequate space when compared to a hotel room. You are able to get a place with many rooms depending on the number of people. In most cases, you are provided with a living room, bathroom, a number of bedrooms, a balcony and outdoor space.

The large space gives room to carry out different activities without affecting other people. You’ll also get the rooms furnished with quality furniture creating a homely feeling.

Choice of living area and arrangement

Another great thing about a self-catering villa accommodation is the choice of location and living arrangement. You can choose a villa in any location be it near the sea, beach or countryside.

Consequently, you determine the sleeping arrangements by adding any additional beds and necessities. You also limit the reception hours and plan your schedule without much difficulty.

Enjoy peace and quiet

The villa accommodation is usually your home away from home. It gives freedom away from disruptions and noise that is common in hotels that are mainly full of different people. When the self-catering, you spend the holiday with close family and friends engaging in fun activities. You can easily get away for some quiet time to catch up on some work or relax.

The above are just some of the advantages of self-catering villa accommodation. Get a self-accommodation during your holiday and enjoy the benefits.