You finally decided to use LED bulbs in your home and are trying to convince a couple of your relatives to do the same. Of course, one question you will all ask is how much are you going to save? While you will not get an exact end amount percentage or figures, you can certainly know how much you will save and what you will be getting back from these bulbs by the end of each year.

Buying that new box of the bulb could be expensive at first, but it could save you as much as $240 each year in addition to paying for itself in five months. The light emitting diodes used to make these bulbs make them ten times more efficient in converting electricity to light than the traditional bulbs made of filaments. This can be explained by the wattage difference between the two bulb types. Therefore replace the 60watts filament bulb with a more efficient 6-watt bulb and save yourself the electric bills.

A huge disadvantage and a reason why most people still prefer the traditional bulbs in the cost of buying the bulbs. For instance, a 100-watt incandescent bulb will cost you about $0.75 and will last for 1000 hours.  To run, this bulb will cost you about 1 cent. A 23-watt incandescent watt will cost around $3, it will run for 8000 hours and will have an hourly running cost of 0.23 cents. A 14 watt LED bulb, on the other hand, will cost $6 and will last for about 25,000 hours. It’s hourly running costs will only be 0.14 cents.  One thing this information tells you is that LED bulbs will cost up to eight times more than ordinary incandescent bulbs, but they will last 25 times longer. In the long run, the running costs are lower thus saving you a lot of money.

Using these figures, you will have spent only about $8 on bulbs and just $50 on electricity when using LED bulbs. With traditional bulbs, you will spend $300 on electricity bills and $18.75. CFL bulbs may make the burden seemingly lighter because you will spend $9 on the bulbs and $75 on electricity bills.

Of course, when you really think about it, saving $300 in 25 years is not such a huge amount of money, however. Consider that the average home will have about three bedrooms with ten lights, and table lamps. Considering the lights are the traditional 60-watt bulbs and the lights are one for about 10 hours each day, them this consumption would be 600 watts. Your electricity bill is calculated by the number of kilowatts a device uses every hour. In this case, 0.6kWh is consumed each hour. The typical price is 12.2p per kWh, so the ten lights will cost about 7.3p to run every hour. This is the same as $8.2 each week, $345 each year and that is not counting the table lamps.

If all the lights are replaced with 6W LED lights, the cost would be one-tenth of that. Therefore you get 73p each day which will translate to about $35 each year. The savings would be $310 every year.
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How much did you pay for these bulbs? 6-watt bulbs will cost $8.99 which means all ten bulbs cost you $89.90. This is an amount that you will have replaced in the first five months and your net savings that year would be $150. Bulbs are supposed to last at least 6,000 hours which means you will have them for at least 18 months or longer saving you a lot of money in the long run.

In addition to getting LED lights installed, you can also get energy efficient replacement windows installed on your home so that you can really save a ton of money on your monthly electric bill.